The legal services provided by the Law firm "Terra Lex" are carried out through the maintenance of full, privileged legal services for the clients' activities and the fulfilment of one-time assignments for customers.

    The main services of the firm are:

    • providing legal advice on all matters of customer activities;
    • support of registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities of various organizational and legal forms, branches and representative offices of legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries;
    • legal audit and organization of the optimal structure of legal relationships of clients with government agencies, suppliers, consumers, employees and third parties;
    • drafting and legal analysis of standard, mixed and exclusive contracts, agreements and legal support for various deals and transactions, including transnational ones;
    • development and legal expertise of drafts of local normative legal acts, official documents, non-standard documents of legal nature;
    • legal due diligence of the activity or condition of potential clients' investment objects;
    • representation of clients' interests in law enforcement, controlling and other state bodies, as well as in the relations with legal entities and individuals both on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and outside it;
    • protection of clients' interests in all courts of the judicial system of the Kyrgyz Republic, courts of foreign states, international arbitration and arbitration institutions;
    • development, examination and promotion of draft normative legal acts in the normative bodies of the republic in the interests of clients;
    • as well as the implementation of other measures of legal support for the activities of business entities.
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