Lawyers of Terra Lex have successful experience in the legal support of investment, financial, managerial, industrial, commercial and construction issues, assisting geological and mining companies, recreation and tourism centers, private entrepreneurs, as well as non-profit and international organizations.

    Among them are companies in the field of light and food industry, construction and finishing materials, real estate and construction, exploration, mining and processing of minerals, telecommunications and information technology, wholesale, retail and network trade and logistics, passenger and freight transport, investment, financial and technical consultants, educational, research and analytical organizations, marketing and advertising agencies, leasing and financial institutions, travel agents, recreation and health organizations, etc.

    In the field of the protection of the violated rights of clients, the firm's lawyers successfully settled a lot of disputes in the pre-judicial and judicial proceedings concerning the collection of debts and other amounts payable under various contracts, demanding property from someone else's illegal possession and removing obstacles to the use of property , recognizing invalid transactions and applying the consequences of such invalidity of transactions, modification and termination of contracts, on compensation of damages and other compensation, including loss of profit and moral damage, on the protection of one’s dignity and honour as well as business reputation, on foreclosure of collateral and other disputes.

    In the process of enforcement, the lawyers of the firm participated in all stages of the enforcement proceedings for execution of writs issued by the courts of the Kyrgyz Republic, including enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and international arbitration and arbitration institutions; court orders, executive inscriptions of notaries, decisions of officials and state bodies on imposition of penalties and other enforcement documents.

    To reduce the regulatory burden and fiscal burden on entrepreneurs, reduce corruption risks, eliminate contradictions and gaps in legislation and develop the business environment in the country as a whole, the firm's lawyers participated in the development, legal analysis and promotion of drafts of regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic at various levels. Among them are drafts of the normative legal acts in the sphere of state inspections, registration and liquidation of business entities and civil rights objects, licensing and licensing systems, telecommunications and personal data protection, taxation, customs and technical regulation, social and compulsory liability insurance, construction and real estate, investment protection and the rights of entrepreneurs, the media and the protection of one’s dignity and honour as well as business reputation, etc.

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